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Day Six, In Print…Also: To Print or Not to Print

January 12, 2012

I am absolutely giddy about the reviews and feedback I am getting from readers who have purchased my Kindle book through Amazon. It’s the sixth day of publication and I have already done a phone interview that led to a nice article in the Gilchrist County Journal. I am also getting a lot of requests for printed and signed copies, which I had initially decided not to do right at first. In fact, a teacher from Gilchrist County called this afternoon about that very thing. Several years ago I worked for Three Rivers Regional Library System, which included Lafayette, Dixie and Gilchrist counties. Because I did children’s programming, which included going into the schools for storytelling and book giveaways, I met a lot of wonderful teachers in all the schools. One of those teachers read the article and left a message on my home voice mail. She reminded me that she and I had a conversation years ago about writing a book, and she wanted to tell me how proud she was that I had finished my book. (I already had The Pecan Man started way back then.) And she also wants a signed copy.  And the Library System wants copies for their shelves. And they want me to do a book signing. Oh, my.

So that was a rambling update to say that I am going to have to get off my behind and get the book out in print. Too many people want a signed copy. Yikes! I’m thrilled. I’m nervous. I’m confounded. Really? I think I need a plan here.

Stay tuned…



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  1. Dorothy Staley permalink

    Congratulations to one of my favorite southern story tellers. Your manuscript was the only one at the Tuesday night Writer’s and Poet’s critique session that made me cry. That’s a good thing. Question, Cassie, are you planning a book signing event in Gainesville? You have a lot of fans here. Good luck and it appears the story speaks for itself. Big hug, Dorothy Staley

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