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What a year for the little book that could!!

February 1, 2013

I’m not so good at this blogging thing. I had great intentions when I started this particular blog, but work and family and life in general has kept me pretty busy.

Meanwhile, The Pecan Man has taken on a life of its own and sales are steadily rising. Just got a post today that notified me of a Norfolk, VA bookclub reading my book along with To Kill a Mockingbird!!  I’m STILL shaking.

So, this will be the third bookclub choosing The Pecan Man. A group in Gainesville is reading it for their April meeting and they have invited me to attend. I am looking forward to hearing their thoughts and reactions.

I self-published the novel in January 2012 using Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace programs. Even though I do marketing for my brother’s company, I was not terribly comfortable pushing my own work, so I have taken things very slowly. Social media has been great, though I really have done relatively little in ACTIVE marketing. The fact is, word-of-mouth has been my best marketing tool. Readers have fallen in love with Ora Lee and Blanche and Eddie and are telling other readers about it. I am astounded and grateful and completely humbled.

January 2013 set a new record for me of over 350 books sold in one month. That’s over 10 books a day being sold on  Just over a year ago, I took the audacious step to self-publish a novel that ruminated for over ten years. I didn’t have any huge expectations. I was just ready to share my story with anyone who might want to read it. And even though I am nowhere near the best-sellers list, I have sold to the best readers in the world and have received so much encouragement and support from them all. Simply amazing. I am blessed.


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  1. Linda Wise permalink

    Cassie, But of course your book would sale. WOW!!!!!, 350 copies in January. Wonderful story, I LOVE IT. The group from Gainesville ? Is that an open event? So PROUD for YOU. Linda

  2. anna permalink

    You’ve got the talent! You write it , we’ll read it! All of my friends and their friends here in Ga loved The Pecan Man! We are waiting for the next book!

  3. K T Z of NE permalink

    Hi, while looking for works to donate to benefit the reading-capable elderly at the long term care facility where my 99 year old Mom is now located, I fell upon and read samples of Pecan Man on Amazon . I want to buy a large print edition for the long term care facility . I cannot find large print on line. Is it available? You offer a paper back. How small is the paper back? Is it the newer larger sized paperback or the traditional smaller one? Most old people cannot read those smaller paperbacks. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately, it is not available in large print at this time. I am self-published, so I am a little limited. If you will give me the address of the facility, I will mail them a couple of books as a gift, but the print is not large. Sorry!


  4. K T Z of NE permalink

    Type-o ! Forgive me, she is 88, not 99, sorry!

  5. Christine Wilcutt permalink

    Just add our book club to the list that I am sure will grow longer as people find this wonderful story. We will meet again in April but wondered. why none of the libraries in all of Tampa Bay, Florida carry the book. It has been a challenge to get books to those who get their books from there, but the e-book readers are hurrying to finish and will share. Thanks for a really good read.
    Hope Book Club, Winter Haven, Florida

  6. Kim Thompson permalink

    I think it is a perfect book club book and I am choosing it for mine to read in October.
    Kim Thompson
    Roswell GA

    • Kim…thank you so much! Let me know if you guys read it. I’d love to Skype with you during your meeting if we can work it out. I love saying hello and answering questions. Please email me at

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