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Storytime in Heaven

November 19, 2013

suezette and jesus (2)

I lost one of my dearest friends this weekend. The loss is too new and too raw to write much about yet, but I didn’t want another day to pass without sharing a tiny bit about my friend and the impact she had on my life. Suezette and I met when we both worked for the public library systems in our neighboring counties. She was a gifted storyteller, a gatherer of friends and an extraordinary servant to humankind. She taught me much about giving with purity of heart, having passion for the ordinary things and persistence in my writing. She was an encourager, a cheerleader, a beautiful, chirping bird who flitted about adding her cheerful song to all who would hear. Her voice has already kept me from wallowing in self-pity, no matter how legitimate that sorrow and angst may be. “That’s enough of that,” she says. “We are not going to go there today.”

I love you and miss you already, my sweet friend. I can see you now, sitting with the greatest Storyteller of all time, whom you served with love and dedication and the perfect amount of irreverence. It is storytime in heaven, and Jesus is happy to share the stage with you. The proper blessing is Rest in Peace, but I know you too well to say something so silly. You never rested a moment in your life. Don’t forget to tell Him the one about….


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