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Favorite Amazon Review to Date

February 10, 2014

So, I abbreviated this reader’s name because I didn’t know how to get her permission because I don’t know her, but this is an astounding review and I just had to share it!! Thank you, Alyssa! I am blown away!


5.0 out of 5 stars          Bursts like Jasper Johns, Baz Luhrmann and a can of soda that’s bounced across a hard wood floor…., January 30, 2014      
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)      
This review is from: The Pecan Man (Paperback)      
If you’re visual and enjoy art and film just as much as literature you will be astounded by this book. It’s a very short novel but try to savor it — I can assure you you’ll be tempted to simply scoop it up and shovel it in like a naughty little boy in Willy Wonka’s factory….
Selleck doesn’t just write her characters. She doesn’t just scribble these people down on a crumpled cocktail napkin at the local bar. She builds them with the precision of an architect: imagine blueprints sprawled like king size comforters, crosscurrents of veins running like electrical wires. Every bone is accounted for. Every shimmering cell. They walk right off the paper, their faces a landscape of emotion, their souls sparkling like tinsel. The Pecan Man is reminiscent of Billy Bob Thorton’s character in Slingblade — he is a hapless, reclusive individual with very distinct mannerisms and features. He lives in the woods in a small southern town, emerging once in a while in his sweat soaked clothes, his gaunt legs peddling his rusty bicycle. Ms. Ora Lee Beckworth (the enchanting narrator of this tale) will hire him to mow her lawn and because this book is set in the 1970’s during the civil rights movement the continual presence of this old black man will cause quite a stir. The bigoted neighbors will be terrified and the children will be terrified and you’ll be right there on the porch, looking through Ms. Beckworth’s windows. Looking at a scared little girl with blood coiling her legs and the icy white blonde kid with fistfuls of candy. Fistfuls of candy smattering against Ora Lee’s window like hail.
The Pecan Man is an absolutely electrifying and totally unforgettable thriller. Go ahead — scoop it up and shovel it in like a bad little boy in a chocolate factory….

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  1. Haha…great run-on sentence I posted at the top. You could tell I was excited!


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