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The Truth About Grace

November 11, 2014

As part of my new BFA in Creative Writing studies, I wrote a monologue featuring the character Grace from The Pecan Man. If you have NOT read The Pecan Man, this is a ******SPOILER ALERT******. I am thinking of writing a sequel from Grace’s point of view. As most of you know, Gracie was pretty much thrown away in all the effort to keep secrets. She has come back for Eddie’s funeral and is determined to reclaim her life. I have to warn you, the scene is tough to read. Gracie has been on the streets and dealing with drug addiction for many years. She has a story to tell and it ain’t pretty.

Week 6 – Selleck – Grace Lowry Monologue


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  1. Dorothy Staley permalink

    So glad to hear you are doing a spin-off. If you recall, I was one of your most enthusiastic fans in the Tuesday group. You brought me to tears one night. I learned via Jani of your continuing success and it makes my heart full to know this. One quick question: did you use
    create space to prepare Pecan Man for publication? if no, what program did you use. Keep on writing. Dorothy Staley

  2. Paula Soper permalink

    I do hope that you publish a sequel. I so enjoyed The Pecan Man, and your unique voice and perspective. I hope that you will update your readers of the progress on this new work through this site.

  3. The Forgotten permalink

    I a SECOND book! Would love to read it. I just finished The Pecan Man and our book club is now going to read it for January. Look forward to more, more, more.

    Carla Hefley (

  4. David A Anderson permalink

    I just turned 71 and received Pecan Man in the mail as a gift from my daughter. This was a two day joy read and yet even though finished, I feel as though I am now living part of Ora’s life. Truly her life is not fiction! We have either lived or know some one who relates to her experiences. Surely you must exemplify her character! Thank you for sharing your writing gift

    • Thank you so much, David. Your post made my day. It is such an incredible feeling to hear when my novel is given as a gift, especially from daughter to father. My own beloved mother was the inspiration for Ora Lee and she most certainly exemplifies her character. Sadly I lost my mom just this month and the grief is immense…the loss almost unbearable. It is contacts like yours, and a few other wonderful things happening with The Pecan Man, that will see me through this awful time. Thank you…

  5. I just stumbled upon your audio book and enjoyed every minute of it, so much so that I reviewed it and decided to look you up. I was so surprised to discover that this was your first novel and a self-published one at at that. Congrats with your success! I hope it continues and look forward to enjoying Gracie’s spin-off. Best wishes from a fellow author.

    • Hi, Weston…thanks for the note! I loved how the narrator of our audio made the characters come to life. I’m working on a second novel unrelated to The Pecan Man now, and hope to then start on the sequel. Good things happening with my little self-published novel. It is POSSIBLE, so go for it!


      • Glad to hear you have even more on the horizon. And yes, the narrator did a great job and really fit with the main character. Best of luck with your other novels!

  6. Helen George permalink

    Just finished the Pecan Man. Awesome book. Expertly written. True to life characters. Felt like I was right there. This book was on a shelf of donated books at the oncology office where I take cancer treatments. I love reading & this book sounded interesting. Once started I couldn’t put it down. You told more in this little book than most do in a huge novel. And there was a new surprise at every turn of the page. Hope to read more books from you in the future. Wish I was a movie producer. This would make a great film! Seriously! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  7. I just read The Pecan Man over the weekend and would be quite excited if there was a sequel!

    • Thanks so much, Katie. Trying to finish another novel before starting on the sequel, but I’m always thinking about where it will go.

  8. Tonjua Paggett permalink

    Hello! Cassie, my name is Tonjua, I’m a 52 year old mother of three daughters. I do think I came in possession of your book by the grace of God, as I often have been doing, when God capture my attention the most. I work in a mental hospital and someone sent it for one of my patient. I picked it u and upon reading the short description of its contents, chose it to began a reading to my patient. An ideal I had to share of my self and give them a coping skill choice that is positive rather than the negative choices some of them, otherwise, had been chiding. It was heaven sent. I tried to stop after the third chapter, thinking them bored and had to read two more chapters through much encouragement from them. I had completed 9 chapters with them, but I completed the reading at home. We all fell in love with the characters from day one. I glad you may have a movie in the making. As an African American living with the injustices that still plague us today, your story could help make changes, that you can’t or have not probably perceived. God had a way of using anything and anyone. I have many testimonies to this. When your movie comes out, as i know it will, I’ll be there. Many of my patient return, unfortunately, and when I see them I will let them know to look for it. The moment shared in this 9 chapter reading was special for them and myself. For me it spring forth hope for change. God bless you!

    • God bless YOU, Tonjua…for the work you are doing, for your caring spirit, and for sharing your heart with others. Thank you so much!

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