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St. George Island Writers Retreat for Women

January 9, 2017

Just spent a week on St. George Island with an amazing group of women, mostly writers of fiction, but other genres as well. Hosted by Persis “Perky” Granger every year since 2009, this retreat has grown exponentially for several reasons.

First, the concept of a retreat where you stay and work and eat with other writers, carving out time to work on specific writing projects. It was designed (Perky and I first came up with the concept together, but she has taken the ball and run with it) to address the specific needs of women writers who are often the “go-to” person in the family – the one all the kids and grandkids and adult kids and partner kids call any time they need…well…anything. Taking a cue from Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own,” this workshop sets out to provide just that: time and space and a room to work on your writing project.

Second, the guest artist-in-residence is noted YA author Adrian Fogelin, whose novel series beginning with Crossing Jordan caught my attention when I worked for Three Rivers Regional Library System in Mayo. They are definitely YA novels, but wonderful if you just enjoy good fiction and stellar writing. It is hard to describe what Adrian does for the participants, but you will never get this much personal attention AND excellent craft workshops and writing prompts anywhere else.

Third, Perky has developed the space to work for participants individual needs. You can attend one of the week-long in-residence retreats, there are two of them in the month of January…OR, you can sign up for one of the two alternating weeks in January where it is “On-your-own” time. You have a bed and access to kitchen and living space in a gorgeous home overlooking the Gulf and plenty of time to write. There are other writers there, but everyone is respectful of writing time.

Fourth, you deserve it. It is affordable and your writing is worth the investment.

Fiction Among Friends is the Facebook group where you can find Perky and learn about the workshop. I highly recommend it…from PERSONAL experience.


Writers at work…


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