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A huge thank you to book clubs…

January 16, 2017

I have been blessed by so many people who have chosen The Pecan Man for their book club. This is the Indian Springs Book Club in Cincinnati, Ohio…thanks Eileen for sharing this great photo with me. It is just the greatest honor and thrill to see people holding my little novel, and knowing they discussed the characters I love so much. Working on the sequel now. I’m just as hopeful as anyone that Gracie will pull out of her struggles. I have to admit that it has been difficult to write and I find myself avoiding it. This time it hits too close to home, I think. The character Grace was inspired by my sister’s struggles, but the story itself is entirely fictional. But I find myself in the sequel pulling from actual events and issues with drug abuse and what it does to the family unit. Y’all keep these photos coming and I’ll post them on Facebook and the blog. And don’t forget…I’m happy to Skype with your group if you let me know in advance! Holla!



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  1. Eileen Kamp permalink

    Thanks for posting our photo! We had so much fun posing for it hoping it would be posted to your blog… As far as Gracie’s story being drawn from your sister’s struggles and how hard it is to write, I wonder if the sequel could be about how someone with drug addiction can heal and have a happy, healthy life. Since you’re a fiction writer, you have so much power to connect the dots and make it what you want. We look forward to your next book. Happy writing! Eileen

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