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February 5, 2017

Just had a question this morning from the host of a book club in Boston who read The Pecan Man. I skyped with them the other night and it was an amazing meeting for me. More on that in a bit. The question was – and I’m paraphrasing – How can I let people know what a great night we had discussing your book when I’m a little technology challenged?

Now, I’m not big on self-promotion, but I am self-published, and I need all the help I can get spreading the word about my work. So, for me, and for every other author out there whose work you love, here are some things you can do to help them be successful in their writing journeys.

  • Choose their books for your book clubs. This has been a huge catalyst for my sales.
  • Post pictures of your book club meeting on social media. This is where you can share with your friends a book that inspired you, made you think, gave you joy, broke your heart. Tell them about your conversation at the meeting. Did you ALL love the book? Did you have a spirited or contentious discussion? Tell your friends.
  • Share a quote from the book that resonated with you. Goodreads has a section you can add a quote for specific books, but you can do this on Facebook or Twitter, too. Just give people food for thought and, of course, credit the author and novel.
  • Create a meme of a quote, take a picture of the book cover, or of your book club holding the book and post it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Write a review on Amazon. You do NOT have to buy the book through Amazon to post a review. Be honest, be fair, be kind. Don’t review a book you haven’t read, even if you mean to be helpful. 🙂
  • Search for the author’s Facebook page or blog and post a comment. Words of encouragement, thoughtful questions, personal stories of connection, are always appreciated.
  • Invite the author to Skype with your book club! I have been thrilled with the experiences I’ve had meeting readers face to face, even if it’s through a computer screen. It still feels personal to me, and I love it.
  • Buy their books through legitimate sources. I once found a pirated site that was giving my book away for free. I was devastated. I write for a living; it’s my only source of income. I managed to get them to take it down because it is illegal and they know it. What you need to know is this: nothing is free. They are either making income from advertising on their sites by stealing copyrighted work, or worse, they are attaching malware to your computer when you download the file. It can have devastating consequences for you because they can get ALL of your personal data this way, including financial information and passwords. And it’s just wrong.
  • Sharing books the right way is great! The more people you tell, the better, so even loaning your book to someone else is appreciated. The more people talk about a book, the more sales we get. But remember to support the authors you love by buying their books whenever you can.
  • Tell Oprah and Ellen about the book. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she??

There are probably more ideas, but I’m all out of them for now. Read a good book, y’all! Then tell someone about it. The authors appreciate you. I know I do!



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  1. Jim Barnes permalink

    Dear Cassie:
    I happened to find your book “The Pecan Man” on the discard shelf at one of my local library branches here in Toronto where today it is sunny but cold – minus 7 but minus 14 feel with the wind chill factored into the mix. Your book was not a library book but one of those that are donated by patrons – with sales going to promote literacy projects. As I do with so many books that look interesting, I read the first couple of paragraphs to see if I think it worth purchasing. In this case, you had me hooked. I’ve read the first 35 pages and have not been disappointed. I had an urge to find out a bit more about this wonderful author so I hit the old computer. Part of my curiosity was piqued by the lack of publishing details so I was glad to find out the publishing history of this first novel. I was also pleased to hear that you have optioned the movie rights because it was one of my thoughts as I was getting into the novel – “this would make a great movie.”
    I am a retired high school English teacher (40 years – 35 as Dept. head) who is now free to read and read and read without feeling guilty. Were I still teaching I would add your book to an English Curricula and know that I would enjoy the discussions it would raise among today’s youth. I know that I will be praising this book to friends and family.
    A recent book that I fell in love with was Tom Gallant’s “The Lord God Bird” published by the Quantuck Lane Press (New York) 2012. I purchased copies for my wife’s book club and they will be reading it (I hope) in the near future. Like your book, it is a short read, 218 pages. Should they like it then I will surely be pushing your book as well.
    Congratulations on obtaining your degree. My aunt Theresa, my Dad;s sister, was a member of the Loretta Sisters here in Toronto and taught school when all you needed was a year at what was thencalled “Normal School.” After she retired she mentioned to her superior that she always wanted to go to College and she was granted her wish. Like you, her degree came late in life.
    Good luck with your future writing endeavours. Your writing speaks to your talent. You have a keen ear, an observant eye, a kind heart and a gentle way with words. I am blessed to have stumbled upon your work and will say a prayer that you continue to find success and joy in your writing and that your work finds a great readership. God bless.

    Jim Barnes, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Hi, Jim! What a lovely letter to find on my page! I’ll take a reader any way I can get it, discard shelf and all. LOL It was a labor of love writing it, and has been life-changing for me personally. I Skype with 3 to 4 book clubs a week who have chosen The Pecan Man to read and it never ceases to amaze me that this little thing has found such a wide audience. My agent and I call it “The Little Book that Could.” I don’t think I ever even imagined using the term “my agent” before. I knew I wanted to self-publish it when I finished writing. It has worked out, and I have been richly blessed. Working on the sequel now, and I published a new novel What Matters In Mayhew in October of 2016. It is available on Amazon right now…free if you have Kindle Unlimited. I’ve had several teachers use the book in classrooms. It seems to resonate with teens, and avoids hitting them over the head with too much. Also short enough to read and discuss thoroughly. Thanks again for taking time to write to me! I’m not sure reader always realize how much we appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I know I do! Thanks again. Stay warm!


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