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Book Club Questions – The Truth About Grace

July 24, 2018

The narrators of the sequel are sisters Patrice and Grace, who are now adults. The author chose this because Ora has already told the story she wanted to tell. How do you feel about the change in narrators and why?

Grace has struggled with drug addiction for years. What do you think was the source of Grace going completely off the rails in her adult life?

Why do you think Patrice is so frustrated with her sister and her situation? Do you think she is being unreasonable or are her feelings perfectly justified?

What lesson(s) did Ora need to learn this time?

From the author: It was important to me to have a hopeful ending without oversimplifying the difficulty of recovery. Do you think I struck the right balance of struggle and hope? Why?

So many families have been affected by the opioid crisis in America today. If you are comfortable sharing, do you know anyone who has faced these challenges?

Do you think Ora should have been charged with a crime for her part in the cover-up?

What was it like to hear the letter from Eddie? Did it change anything you thought about him?

The author is adamant that some things are left to the reader’s imagination. Especially since you could only know what Ora knew in The Pecan Man. Have you changed your mind about anything you thought about the first book? Why?

Were there any questions you hoped the author might answer in the sequel that did not get answered?

Now that you have heard the truth about Grace, is there anything else you wonder?

The author is willing to do virtual visits with your book club at no charge. Please email to check availability if you’re interested. FaceTime is the method of choice, but Zoom is also an option.

If your bookclub comes up with additional questions, please post in the comments below and/or visit my Facebook page for The Pecan Man to discuss. Thank you so much for choosing The Truth About Grace.

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